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Austria is one of Europe’s most popular meetings, events and incentives destinations…


A small country in the heart of Europe, which has to offer a great diversity in every sense. Whether it is visiting Mozart’s birth town Salzburg, skiing or hiking in the Austrian Alps in Tyrol and admiring the stunning mountains in front of Swarovski’s Christal world or simply strolling around Vienna’s narrow pedestrian streets, exploring the interesting history and taking a break in one of the many coffee houses to eat a Sacher Cake or some other culinary delicacy this city has to offer.


Thanks to its central geographic location, Austria is well connected and easily reachable from all parts of Europe and internationally accessible through the hub at the Vienna International Airport.

There are endless reasons to visit Vienna – apart from being the city with the highest quality of living worldwide since many years, the city is world famous for its imperial heritage, the music heritage and culture which attracts millions of people year by year.



Even though Vienna is and has always been a city full of different cultures and customs, it still has kept its original traditions which date back to the last centuries of the city’s history. Visitors can experience rural traditions, such as enjoying dinner in one of the many wine taverns next to the unique Viennese vineyards, but can also admire the modern part of the city and hosts one of the four world’s United Nations Offices.


This is one of the city’s areas where also nature can be experienced at its best, taking a walk at the banks of the Danube River admiring the view to the Vienna Woods and vineyard hills. Vienna is the greenest metropolis worldwide when it comes to the amount of green spaces such as the parks and many gardens.



Many people travel to Vienna year by year, not only for leisure reasons but there is also a huge number of business travellers, attending international congresses and meetings, incentives or team buildings which all come along with the unique experience of diversity in culture, attractions, activities and places this city has to offer.



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Vienna, jewel of Austria

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Main destinations in Austria


The city of dream and music
There are many reasons to visit Vienna – the city is world famous for its imperial heritage, Schönbrunn Palace, the Belvedere, and the Hofburg.

The capital scores highly thanks to the first-rate musical and cultural attractions at its concert halls, museums and theatres – from the Golden Hall of the Musikverein to the acclaimed Museum of Fine Arts and the State Opera House.

Vienna is also a byword for epicurean enjoyment, with centuries of traditions shaping its coffee houses and Heuriger wine taverns.

Over half of the city is accounted for by green spaces including parks and gardens, the Vienna Woods and the wetlands of the Donau Auen National Park.

Vienna in the heart of Europe – a top international venue for congresses and incentives.


The city of Mozart
A charming cultural metropolis with worldfame – this could be a short description of the city of Salzburg.

So many things to do and countless advantages for event managers, it is a countless list of things, making your event successful.

Important facts like security, life style and great infrastructure make the city even more attractive. Once arrived, you can reach most of the hotels and venues in Salzburg by a short walk. No matter if you travel to Salzburg by train, car or plane, the majestic silhouette will be surrounding you and your conference delegates soon.

It’s clear that this destination offers a special atmosphere for any event. Far away peaks of the mountains, steeples of the many baroque churches and fortresses surround your views. Salzburg has a lot to offer and many facts which make event planning easy and successful for you and your company.


Perfect for skiing, hiking, incentives
Tyrol is known for its cultural heritage, but also for the natural attractions, such as the Alpine Zoo, the Kitzbühel Alps or other famous sites like Swarovski’s Crystal world and the city of Innsbruck’s historic old town.

In the last decades Tyrol has established itself as a leading tourism region in the Alps, combining the traditional with the modern.

Renowned universities with longstanding traditions, modern colleges and companies with global market leadership make Tyrol a particularly attractive setting for congresses, conventions and seminars in the heart of the Alps.


The jewel of the Alps
Capital of the Alps.You could fall in love with Innsbruck! Surrounded by majestic Alpine scenery in the midst of a holiday landscape, Innsbruck offers an ambitious cultural programme alongside numerous sporting activities.

Known as the ‘treasure-house of the Alps’, it has business, sport and culture, all of the highest standard.

Tradition alternates with modern art and appealing architecture. Just a few steps away from the mediaeval heart of the city, at Congress Innsbruck, a new and fascinating journey begins.

A short walk through the city, across the river, will take you uphill into the heart of the Alps, to a height of 2,300 metres.

No other town in Europe can offer such a spectacular scenic contrast between town and mountains in such a short space of time.


One of the most beautiful plateaus for skiing
The villages of Kitzbühel, Aurach, Reith and Jochberg are amongst the most popular holiday destinations in the province of Tyrol. Situated in the Kitzbüheler Alpen, these resorts offer the perfect conditions for high altitude training and winter sports. The allure of Kitzbühel lies in its contrasting landscape, which not only offers innumerable opportunities for sports and leisure, but is also ranked as the number one holiday resort in Austria. Once you arrive, you’ll never want to leave – some holidaymakers have even prolonged their holiday here, indefinitely. Come and discover why Kitzbühel is known around the world as a "Best of the Alps" resort.

The Kitzbühel region is embedded between Kitzbüheler Horn mountain and Hahnenkamm peak. There are numerous possibilities to pursue sports in dreamlike nature and to combine it with a shopping spree in the historic town center with its chic flair. This town is an all-rounder offering charms and its own very special identity. The area’s hospitality can be enjoyed at top-class hotels and restaurants.


A popular summer destination
If you have a meeting here, you will soon see that nowhere are work and pleasure closer together than in sunny Carinthia.

Inviting meeting hotels, first-class conference centres, unusual event locations – near the famous lakes and surrounded by stunning peaks.

A truly successful mix, if we may say so. And Carinthia has still more to offer: a wide range of sports, various exciting and interesting cultural gems, culinary delights and naturally the southern, even Mediterranean vitality and light heartedness.

The south has everything – easy going, but at the highest professional level.

Easy access & great infrastructures

Thanks to its central geographic location, Austria is well connected and easily reachable from all parts of Europe and internationally accessible through the hub at the Vienna International Airport.


There are also Linz, Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Klagenfurt as international Airport.


Neighbouring countries: Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary

Austria has nine states with a capital each. Vienna is one of these states and the capital of Austria at the same time.

The states and capitals are:

  • Burgenland / Eisenstadt
  • Carinthia / Klagenfurt
  • Lower Austria / St. Pölten
  • Upper Austria / Linz
  • Salzburg / Salzburg
  • Styria / Graz
  • Tyrol / Innsbruck
  • Vorarlberg / Bregenz
  • Vienna

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