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Switzerland’s central position in the middle of Europe makes land-locked Switzerland an ideal meeting & incentive destination in Europe.

Thanks to the easy accessibility offered by most of the airline companies, you can travel comfortably and directly to Switzerland. Not to be forgotten are the unique Swiss natural wonders, the beauty of the landscape and the variety of cultural attractions with the four different languages in the various regions and cities.

The short distances within the country mean that a variety of regions can be covered in one visit: from breath-taking glacial, mountainous scenery to palms and vineyards in Mediterranean surroundings.

Countless international event and meeting planners are aware of the fact that a successful event is marked, among other things, by varied scenery, good infrastructure and a high standard of service and social commitment. Switzerland can offer these criteria the whole year round. Especially cities such as Geneva and Zurich are commonly visited by business clients and incentive attendees.

  • Magnificent, varied scenery in the heart of Europe – both in summer and winter
  • High-quality service with motivated commitment and a willingness to serve
  • Exemplary hospitality in hotels and restaurants
  • Excellent value for money
  • Safe, clean and punctual – one of the most stable democracies in the world
  • Varied, multi-lingual culture
  • Short distances and transfer times – 4 international airports and numerous regional airports

Switzerland in a nutshell

About Switzerland

26 states
4 international Airports Located in the heart of Europe

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Main destinations in Switzerland


Perfect for skiing, hiking, exploring
The city of diplomacy and headquarters – Geneva is definitely one of Europe’s major business cities. Not only the United Nations have one of their four worldwide bases here, but also many banks, pharma companies, CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research), as well as the World Health Organisation call Geneva their home base. Thanks to the great mix of cultures coming together in one place, Geneva is unique when it comes to internationalisation and diversity, which makes it even more worth a visit. Apart from being a popular business destination, it is also very famous for other travel purposes, as it offers different interesting attractions in Geneva and its surroundings, where the Swiss culinary delicacies like cheese but also its best wines can be tasted. Geneva’s surroundings do also offer great opportunities for activities such as skiing in the alps in winter or exploring the lakes nearby. The city is perfect for a short escape and offers everything from great restaurants, shopping streets, activities and places to visit or locations to host or attend a great event.


A very cosmopolitan city
Zurich is definitely one of Switzerland’s most visited cities and the most important international hub. It is a city of wealth and hosts plenty of bank, insurance and pharma headquarters, which makes it to an important international business city. Zurich has a lot of history and is a young, vibrant and popular city, which is also often visited for incentives or international corporate meetings.

Facing Lake Zurich, the city offers various activities to do on the lake, from pedalling a boat or walking along the lake banks or dining I one of the great restaurants that are located nearby the water and offer spectacular views.

Back in the city centre there are many places to visit and things to do, such as admiring numerous famous and beautiful churches or tasting delicious swiss chocolates.

The city is best explored with a local tour guide who will take you to the top places in town that cannot be missed on a stay in Zurich.


World's cultural heritage
Bern is Switzerland’s capital, even though it does not transmit the feeling of a big city, such as Zurich or Geneva do, but it still has plenty to offer and is worth a visit in every sense.

The swiss capital is full of well-preserved culture, that can be admired with its medieval buildings in the old town, which is divided by the river Aare.

The city’s symbol is the bear, that can be spotted in the whole town and on every souvenir but it can be even seen live during a visit to the famous bear park. Not far from the bear park, the rose garden is located with more than 200 types of roses.

The highlight here is the beautiful restaurant with spectacular views of the city and a perfect location for an elegant dinner.


The city of picturesque surroundings
Located in the Italian-speaking part of the country, Lugano is located right at one of Switzerland’s most picturesque lakes – Lake Lugano.

Lugano is easily reachable from Italy, as it is closely located to its border. Apart from the unique nature and the beautiful surroundings, the city offers great varieties of cultural attractions and culinary delicacies.

The hills around Lugano are well-known for the production of delicious Merlot wine that can be tasted with cheese and different regional foods.

Easy access & great infrastructures

Thanks to its central geographic location, Switzerland is well connected and easily reachable from all parts of Europe and internationally accessible through the hub at the Zurich International Airport.


There are also Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lugano, Sion and St. Gallen–Altenrhein as international Airport.

Neighbouring countries: Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Liechtenstein.

Switzerland has twenty-sixt states with a capital each. Bern is one of these states and the capital of Switzerland at the same time.

The states and capitals are:

  • Zürich / Zürich
  • Bern / Bern
  • Luzern / Luzern
  • Uri / Altdorf
  • Schwyz/ Schwyz
  • Obwalden/ Sarnen
  • Nidwalden/ Stans
  • Glarus/ Glarus
  • Zug / Zug
  • Freiburg / Freiburg
  • Solothurn / Solothurn
  • Basel-Stadt / Basel
  • Basel-Landschaft / Liestal
  • Schaffhausen / Schaffhausen
  • Appenzell Ausserrhoden / Herisau
  • Appenzell Innerrhoden / Appenzell
  • St. Gallen / St. Gallen
  • Graubünden / Coire
  • Aargau / Aarau
  • Thurgau / Frauenfeld
  • Ticino / Bellinzone
  • Waadt / Lausanne
  • Wallis / Sion
  • Neuenburg / Neuenburg
  • Geneva / Geneva

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